Blood Red; Snow White & Google news timeline


The Book of the Week is:


Blood Red; Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick

A blend of fact and fiction, this intriguing story is set at the time of the Russian Revolution.  Arthur Ransome, the author and journalist also accused of being a spy, was a witness to events in Russia as the Bolsheviks took power and this is his story. Themes of betrayal, romance, loyalty and nationalism converge in this epic tale.

BOW factor: 8/10


The Website of the Week is:

Google news timelinegogole

You can search for quotes; video clips; photos; blogs; sports scores; music; movies; books; TV shows; prizes; artworks as well as general news items.

Refine your search by day, year, month, year or decade.

WOW factor: 9/10

From Mrs Judi Hurst

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