The Inheritance Cycle

Christopher Paolini’s inheritance cycle has captured the hearts of audiences world-wide. Beginning with Eragon in 2002, Paolini has taken us on a powerful emotional and physical journey that has left readers stunned, baffled, amazed and always craving for more. With his last book Inheritance released just recently in late 2011, most readers are wondering…is there more???

Well, stay tuned to find out.

For those readers out there who haven’t yet touched the Inheritance Cycle. You’re missing out. Within the first hundred pages, you will be whisked away into an alternate dimension where dragons and riders roam the earth and the elixirs of magic, war and love clash in a period of great hostility. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Urgals, Wercats and races unimagined, also come together to live within his marvelous cycle. But be warned, the inheritance cycle is not for light readers. As Paolini begets his own world and rules of reality, you will experience new cultures, perspectives and feelings that you never thought possible.

For those readers who are craving to find out more of on the inheritance series, you might be interested to know that Eragon was made into a feature film production in 2006, and when Paolini first desired to publish his book, he was rejected by numerous companies, and it was only due to the support from his family that he was able to create the marvelous series we enjoy today. Moreover, Angela the herbalist is actually a character inspired by Paolini’s sister.

Although “Inheritance” seems like a conclusion to the epic fantasy saga, Paolini has commented that the epic world of Urbean and the characters we have all come to love are not completely gone forever. Paolini has leaked some information on the possibility of another series on the life on Angela the herbalist, her journey through the realms of the Urbean and where exactly she acquired such great power. This may perhaps be of great interest to some Inheritance lovers.


For those readers out there who just can’t wait any more for further dragon-rider novels, you will jump in joy and scream in anguish for what’s coming up next. Anne McCaffrey has just died after she suffered a stroke at the age of 85. But who is Anne McCaffrey? Well, she is perhaps a more classical Paolini. McCaffrey has a worldwide reputation for her science-fiction novels set on the mystical world of Pern, a distant planet where genetically modified species of winged reptile are bonded symbiotically to riders from the moment of birth. Here, is the original birth of the dragon rider.


McCaffrey has won unceasing adulation and praise for her works, and for readers who would love a crossover between the fantasy of Inheritance and the biogenetics of Avatar, this is the next book for you. Come on down to the library and check out her novel “Dragonflight”, followed by “Dragonrider” and once again be immersed in a world of unending possibilities.

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  1. All these books were great. Really hoping for another one because it never said what happened to eragon when he got to the new land to train the new born dragons

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